A raffle for a 6-night stay at an amazing estate in Princeville, Kauai! Up to $4000 reimbursed for airline tickets.

  • Players are requested to sell a minimum of 20 raffle tickets.
  • Ticket are $20 each so this will put $400 toward their Player Fees.
  • Players will have 2 weeks to sell their minimum required raffle tickets.
  • There is NO limit to how many you can sell!


Raffle Tickets will be passed out in July 1, 2020

Monies (Venmo or Zelle) and buyer information from the minimum 20 Raffle Tickets should be finalized by July 16th.

It is very important to keep track of EACH & EVERY raffle ticket!
All of the buyer’s information must be filled out.
They are individually numbered and all tickets or stubs must be accounted for in order to have a legal raffle drawing and to be able to use this as an annual fundraiser.

We’ve created an electronic flyer to help the players spread the word

Player’s and families can also use this Virtual Tour video