Grocery Card Program

Guidelines for Heritage Football

Who can use it?

  • The program is open to family, friends, neighbors, etc. anyone willing to help you.
  • Funds cannot be paid out to individuals or families. The funds are paid to the football program and credited to the player’s fundraising.

How does it work?


  • Each card is preloaded with $2.50 for Safeway.
  • Safeway gives 5% back
  • The Boosters assign your card(s) number(s) to your account for tracking purposes.
  • You can then load the Safeway card with any amount up to $500. The card can be loaded at the register right before you make your purchase or at the Customer Service Desk before you shop.
  • You can have multiple cards credited to your player’s name.
  • You can use check or credit card to load your card.
  • All the monies loaded on to the card can then be spent on groceries and gas at either grocery store, dollar for dollar.
  • The Booster Treasurer tracks the cards by family and the player’s account is credited once a month.

king soopers

  • King Soopers has variable rate up to 5% (they have been averaging 1.2%)
  • You will have to create an account at
  • Once you register, on the left side there is a Community Rewards tab, click that then look for Heritage High School Football Boosters.  Click on that and your loyalty card will be linked to the HHS Football. 
  • Four times a year the Treasurer will ask for you to send a screen print of your loyalty rewards in order to have them credited to your players account.

The money earned from the grocery cards is used to help pay for the player’s fees.

The money earned from either program will be credited to each players account from September 2021 thru August of 2022. Earnings beyond August 2022 will roll over to the next year.

For more information and to purchase cards please contact:
Shannon Elder, Treasurer