Its simple. Just follow the instructions from the email. Please don’t try to add or create an account on the app. This is why you received the email. This is for the parents, not the players. This is the Boosters way of communicating with you.

Hi “Your Name”

You have been added as a member to the Heritage Football Booster Club Team App.

To receive updates of our latest news and events and to access all of the app’s great features, please follow these simple steps:

1. Download Team App from the App Store or Google Play to your mobile device – it’s free!

2. Sign-up for a Team App account using the e-mail in which you received this invitation.

3. Log-in and search for Heritage Football Booster Club (existing Team App users can delete Heritage Football Booster Club if you don’t wish to be a member).

There is also a dynamically updating website version of our app:

Note: You have been invited to this app by an admin of this team and if you don’t download the app you will receive limited content via e-mail. To unsubscribe click here.]

We hope you enjoy your Team App experience!

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